Bremen --> Berlin --> Wismar --> Bremen


Start: 14th August 18´ 1:30 pm
Finish: 21th August 18´ 3 am
Total KM : 942

Crossed the „Wendland“ …
Arrived Berlin @ 16th August 18′ (8 am)
KM 405 ciyclingtime without Breaks 17 hours

August 18′: Made a new personal dayRecord : 222 KM in 15 hours (Breaks included)
August 18´: Made a new personal dayRecord : 242 KM in 19 hours (Breaks included)

The rest of the day I chilled in Berlin…
Arrived Berlin at 8am One 16th August
Leaved at 11am on the 17th

Arrived „Müritz“ (Mecklenburgische Seenplatten) at 7:30 pm
Total km: 544
Leaved at 7:30 am on the 18th and cycled to Wismar / Eastcoast (arrived at 7:30 pm)
Total km: 699
Today (19th) I will make a day Off and tomorrow i will ride over Lübeck ans Hamburg back home to Bremen :)

Bike weight round about 40kg
Topspeed 53km/h
Averrage speed: 24 km/h (till Berlin) 23km/h till Wismar
Heigh meters: a lot ;)

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